When an Intersection is Actually a Roundabout

I moved to Riverside about eight years ago, after having grown up most of my life in Jacksonville, yet somehow never venturing to the neighborhood. I remember the first time I drove down Park street at the end of high school, marveling at the architecture of the post-war houses and flowing, oak-filled parks. I thought, "how … Continue reading When an Intersection is Actually a Roundabout

The Intersection of Story and Spirit ​

Several years ago my wife Jenny and I took a road trip to North Carolina to take part in the first-ever Wild Goose Festival. We didn’t really know what to expect. We had attended “Christian” conferences and festivals before, but nothing quite like this. Wild Goose was an eclectic gathering of artists, storytellers, musicians, activists, … Continue reading The Intersection of Story and Spirit ​

The Intersection of Hope, Doubt & Belonging

Six years ago, my family and I returned home to Jacksonville so that I could start a new faith community here. That community would become The Well at Springfield, an eclectic and inclusive group of spiritual misfits.  Some are Jesus followers, others are undecided. Some live in Springfield, others drive from as far as Macclenny. … Continue reading The Intersection of Hope, Doubt & Belonging

Why I Need Intersections

As I wake up on this Sunday morning, only a week into the new presidency, witnessing egregious civil and human rights threats unfurl from the pen of the president, I am faced with writing this post talking about why we need gatherings like Wild Goose and her smaller events like Intersections in Jacksonville, FL. See, … Continue reading Why I Need Intersections

Why We Need This Day

The longer I live in Jacksonville, the more people I meet who are deeply passionate about faith but cannot find a setting to talk about it. Every time I set foot in a bar, I wind up talking to someone who believes in Jesus, in love, in redemption, in hope, but who simply cannot find a … Continue reading Why We Need This Day