The Gays and Sexual Purity: How Purity Culture Impacted My Views of Sex and Sexuality

If you’ve been following the Exvangelical movement at all, I’m sure you have noticed a really powerful push to deconstruct purity culture. There is a fight against the beliefs that our sexual worth can be linked to the number of people who we have engaged in sexual activity with, or that our bodies are a … Continue reading The Gays and Sexual Purity: How Purity Culture Impacted My Views of Sex and Sexuality

Picket the Picket Fence

It frustrates me often that we look at ourselves and see halves. Even when outwardly I make claims to want to see myself as a fully realized person outside of my romantic relationships,  I still often buy into the belief that somehow I will become whole while in love. This is something I want to … Continue reading Picket the Picket Fence

How not to “Love” LGBT Christians

I had an old friend ask me the other day what they, as a straight Christian person, could do to help the Church reconcile itself with the LGBT community. This is always a hard question to answer for me. Firstly, my own experience with “reconciliation” has always come through talking with people and sharing stories. … Continue reading How not to “Love” LGBT Christians

Why Is Doubt So Important?

I started my writing on this website with the idea in mind that I would focus on uncertainty and doubt as a central aspect to my writing. It was important to me that what I wrote was intrinsically queer, and I wanted to play around with ideas that have been central to mainstream Christian thought … Continue reading Why Is Doubt So Important?

BenDeLaCreme Is a Symbol of Revolution

I'm going to try something that might not have been done before, and it might not work, but it also resonated a whole lot with me and a friend of mine, with whom I spent a good 2 hours talking about this, so hear me out and maybe it’ll pan out. I want to look … Continue reading BenDeLaCreme Is a Symbol of Revolution

Transforming the People of God

This week in church, we discussed the transfiguration. I’m not going to go into that topic, because it’s complex and honestly difficult to talk about BUT it did get me thinking about the idea of transformation within a Christian context, and especially within the context of how those transformations ought to work today. When I … Continue reading Transforming the People of God

Coming out: Questions at the center of Queer Faith

I’ve been waiting to write about my sexuality and my faith for a while, but I’ve always found myself too closeted, to dispassionate, or too fearful, and therefore silent. Now while I’m still very much scared, my long process of coming out to my family and friends being definitely OVER, and having a strong desire … Continue reading Coming out: Questions at the center of Queer Faith