The Importance of Dehumanizing Your Opponents

Let me preface this by saying, as an LSAT instructor, I teach argument for a living. (And if you follow the Bar Chaplain blog, yes, this is going to be another one of those posts.) I’m a big believer in always paying attention to both far right and far left media and then doing a … Continue reading The Importance of Dehumanizing Your Opponents

Bursting Bubbles

When I was in divinity school, Dr. Stanley Hauerwas was probably our most famous faculty member. This famed ethicist had written many books, was well known around the lecture circuit, and had even been declared “America’s best theologian” a decade earlier. Hauerwas’s name commanded respect among the students and alumni I encountered, and Duke’s promotional materials … Continue reading Bursting Bubbles

Why We Need This Day

The longer I live in Jacksonville, the more people I meet who are deeply passionate about faith but cannot find a setting to talk about it. Every time I set foot in a bar, I wind up talking to someone who believes in Jesus, in love, in redemption, in hope, but who simply cannot find a … Continue reading Why We Need This Day