2017 Schedule of Events

Final Schedule

Intersections Schedule of Events with Times updated 


Spirituality Tent 

The Sacred Narrative of Coming Out Stories

Coming out for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people is about deciding to courageously live lives of authenticity. For this session, we will gather for an interactive time of sharing our coming out stories and close with a brief service celebrating the sacred worth of LGBTQI people and our allies

The Intersection of Interfaith 

Join a panel of young adults trained in the science of interfaith collaboration by the Interfaith Youth Core to learn how the depth and beauty of our traditions and our own stories can become intersections where generous friendships grow and world-changing collaboration begins. We are better together.

Creating Safe Spaces within Faith

Many of us struggle to find places of faith where we can be our true selves without experiencing judgment or worse, exclusion. Join local faith leaders in hearing the stories of their faith communities, how they are intentional about being safe spaces and how these spaces are helping to heal “church hurt”. Bring your doubts, fears, questions & stories as we learn about and experience the gift of safe space together.

Spiritual Practices for an Ever-Evolving Faith 

When one talks about Spiritual Practices, they don’t just mean sitting quietly and meditating.  A Spiritual Practice can be anything from meditating/praying, to playing a game of flag football with friends, and so much stuff in between.  In this workshop, we’ll explore what a Spiritual Practice is, why we do them, and some of the many ways one can practice their own spirituality.  We hope that by the end, you’ll have some ideas of things you can do, or the tools to develop your own Spiritual Practice.  Join us!

Tattoos: Art that Intersects the Spiritual and the Physical 

Tattoos mean a lot of different things to different people. Some commemorate a special place in time, Others are a physical reminders of the emotional or spiritual, but all have a story. In this session you are invited to show off your ink, and share your own story.

 Justice Tent

Creation Care: Seeking Justice for the Environment

There is a deep connection between caring for the earth and seeking social justice in our neighborhoods. Cleaning waterways,increasing fresh food availability and improving the appearance of public spaces are just some ways we can improve quality of life for our neighbors. Join local organizers as they share about how their environmental initiatives have impacted communities and lives. Bring your questions, stories and ideas.

From Complicity to Courage; Responding to Violence against Women

Women represent over half of human life on the planet. Women create life and are central to the well being of families, communities, and nations. Women are our leaders, mentors, healers, spiritual guides, and confidants. Women are our partners, grandmothers, mothers, sisters, and daughters. Women are strong, smart, sensitive, sexual, and sacred. Yet, all to often, women experience discrimination, violence, marginalization, exploitation, prejudice, medical maltreatment, and rape. This workshop focuses on identifying factors in our community that cultivate a culture of violence against women and every day social justice advocacy actions each person can take to challenge and change our world.

Dissecting Poverty: from Homelessness to Housing

Attempting to discuss and decipher the various forms of poverty can be very challenging. Join our three panelists who are tackling the issue head on via three different perspectives, and who have made it their mission to interface with those living in poverty.

Creating Conversations Around Race

The Creating Conversations around Race panel will boldly explore the barriers that prevent us from deeply understanding, discussing and progressing in the fight for racial equity. Imani Hope, Pastor Vicki Hamilton, and Hope McMath will share their lived experiences and the intersections in navigating these conversations through the context of our current political climate, how it’s putting a magnifying glass on the truth of our city and what it means to live as an ally. This discussion will be powerful, rich, unapologetic and real because understanding racial justice is the healing we all need.

Responding to Refugees

World Relief sees the city of Jacksonville as a city of refuge for vulnerable people to find freedom from their past and hope in the future. This session will explore the current challenges facing refugees and the practical ways to walk alongside them. There will be an opportunity to hear the stories of local refugees and to engage in conversation together.

Art Tent


#withloveworld spreads unexpected kindness through chalking and letters in response to the normalizing of constant negativity in our lives.

Holy Spirits: A Faith Shaken & Stirred with The Bar Chaplain

A belief in the Holy Spirit should mean a willingness to find God anywhere— especially the unexpected places. In this session, which is one part storytelling and one part cocktail demonstration, Tom Chappell Lewis (also known as “The Bar Chaplain”) shares his own journey from the church to the hospital to the bar and the lessons learned along the way. What is church when there’s not a building? What does it mean to have a “ministry of presence” in a place many Christians won’t go? How can God use bartenders for the Kingdom? And what’s really the difference between whiskey, bourbon, rye, and scotch? Tom explores these questions and more while sharing his cocktail knowledge. So do spirits and the Holy Spirit really mix? Come to the Bar Chaplain’s session and find out!

You’re not an amazing writer like “______” How to Keep Faith as a Creative Writers

A round table discussion (heavy emphasis on the discussion) on what it’s like to try and maintain faith, let alone participate in active worship, when you’re dealing with the doubt, anxiety, and mountain of rejection that comes with being a writer and creative. Don’t come expecting all the answers! It might just be a lot of lamenting. But there will be a lot of time given for Q:A with a writer who has navigated self publishing, signing with a NYC literary agent, and going on submission to publishers with her first novel.

Open Mic Poetry Slam

Join Nyah Vanterpool for a series of spoken word poems/performances titled “Commentaries on Humanity.” These poems will challenge the audience to more deeply understand our shared spirit of empathy.