The Idea for Intersections came from the The Wild Goose Festival, a four-day event in Hot springs, NC that explores the intersectionality of Spirit, Justice, Music, and Art. The festival is made up of dreamers, storytellers, musicians, and people of all sorts working toward making this world a better place for all. The energy of the festival is infectious to say the least. It is from this environment that Intersections was born.

Intersections started as a one day regional event in partnership with the Wild Goose Festival set in Jacksonville, Florida. Much like the Goose,  The Intersections Festival was an eclectic gathering of people who believed in working toward a better world and a more inclusive faith.

While planning the festival, it was our primary goal to create a space for all people to feel welcome to be themselves regardless of their beliefs, their doubts, or their past experience with faith communities or lack thereof.

We’ve realized since then that there is more of a need for authentic progressive faith communities outside the traditional church model than any one day festival can provide.

Because of this our dreams for Intersections have grown from creating a one day event to creating true community. We envision an online community where people don’t feel the need to check any part of their stories or their brains in order to belong.

It is our goal with the Intersections website to create a platform for progressive Christian and faith minded bloggers to spark conversation, gain connections, and allow for an online community of diverse voices to flourish.