Why We Need This Day

The longer I live in Jacksonville, the more people I meet who are deeply passionate about faith but cannot find a setting to talk about it. Every time I set foot in a bar, I wind up talking to someone who believes in Jesus, in love, in redemption, in hope, but who simply cannot find a church or even a group of friends who want to discuss these things. On the other hand, I see groups of Christians doing amazing things all over town: singing hymns in bars, sharing coffee with homeless people, creating art and music, reaching out to addicts, campaigning for justice,
and yet, we are uncomfortably disconnected from one another.

According to the Gospel,
the physical Body of Christ was broken
that the spiritual Body of Christ might be made whole;
through Jesus’ life and death and resurrection,
that brief moment when Eternity lived within time,
you and I weren’t only redeemed and remade;
we were bound together as sisters and brothers.

So come see what your sisters and brothers are doing!
All over this city, people are seeking the Spirit’s guidance;
they are engaging deep questions of justice;
they are creating music that sings to the soul
and channeling art that calls to the heart.

When these streams intersect,
when these paths cross,
we glimpse the Body made whole.
The dismembered is remembered.
We taste and see something greater.
I see the Spirit moving through you as you see the Spirit moving through me.

This day in late April is an opportunity for these intersections.
It’s a chance to build relationships and see what the Spirit is doing in Northeast Florida.
Come celebrate with the rest of the Body
because there is exciting work taking place in your community,
and we need each other to see it through!


Tom Chappell Lewis is a chaplain, writer, and mixologist in the Jacksonville, FL area. Tom operates the Bar Chaplain website and ministry, and he will be among the speakers at Intersections: A Wild Goose Event on April 29th.

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