What is Intersections?

The Idea for Intersections came from the The Wild Goose Festival, a four-day event that explores the intersections of Spirit, Justice, Music, and Art. The festival is made up of dreamers, storytellers, musicians, and people of all sorts working toward making this world a better place for all. The energy of the festival is infectious to say the least, and sparks a new hope in me every year.

It is from this environment that the Idea for Intersections was born. So, what is intersections?

Intersections is lots of thing, but first and foremost intersections is a place where ALL are welcome and ALL are included. Like the Wild Goose Festival and like Jesus before us we believe that all people should have a place at the table. Whatever your age, race, orientation, or gender we would like to invite you to take part in the Intersections event. No matter if you’re a person of strong faith, no faith, a set spiritual tradition or you’re more the spiritual but not religious type you are welcome. Not sure what you believe, or even if you still believe at all? You’ll fit right in. Seriously, when we say everyone is welcome to attend we mean it.

Intersections is about bringing people together. There are so many people around Jacksonville and all over the world who are deeply passionate about faith, but have no outlet to express that faith. Some feel like they just don’t fit into the faith communities they’ve experienced for one reason or another. Others may have been hurt by the Church or by Christianity at large and feel that they need some space away from organized religion for a while. Others still may be interested the message of love, grace, and community but think Christianity already messed it up too much to get involved. On the other hand there are so many amazing people working to end racial inequality, take on affordable housing, reverse climate change, fight for LGBT equality, end homelessness, and call out privilege in all its forms all because they’ve been inspired by the same message of love, grace, and community. It is our hope that intersections will provide a safe space to bring all people together to have conversation, to learn, laugh, cry, and dream together.

Intersections is a one day festival being held at Klutho Park in Jacksonville Florida on April 29th, but it is our hope that Intersections becomes more than just a festival. We envision Intersections in partnership with the Wild Goose Festival sparking a broad movement within Christianity that welcomes the stranger, gives voice to the marginalized stands with the poor, and rids the systems of gatekeepers who keep people out. We see Intersections cultivating a safe and sacred Community that cherishes diversity, and honors the image of the creator in all of creation.

 Intersections is about creating beauty, igniting creativity, celebrating diversity, Sharing our stories & building authentic community.

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