The Gays and Sexual Purity: How Purity Culture Impacted My Views of Sex and Sexuality

If you’ve been following the Exvangelical movement at all, I’m sure you have noticed a really powerful push to deconstruct purity culture. There is a fight against the beliefs that our sexual worth can be linked to the number of people who we have engaged in sexual activity with, or that our bodies are a … Continue reading The Gays and Sexual Purity: How Purity Culture Impacted My Views of Sex and Sexuality

Picket the Picket Fence

It frustrates me often that we look at ourselves and see halves. Even when outwardly I make claims to want to see myself as a fully realized person outside of my romantic relationships,  I still often buy into the belief that somehow I will become whole while in love. This is something I want to … Continue reading Picket the Picket Fence

How not to “Love” LGBT Christians

I had an old friend ask me the other day what they, as a straight Christian person, could do to help the Church reconcile itself with the LGBT community. This is always a hard question to answer for me. Firstly, my own experience with “reconciliation” has always come through talking with people and sharing stories. … Continue reading How not to “Love” LGBT Christians

Seeing the Holy in the homeless

Today I worshipped with the homeless. We were indoors because of the rain so the opportunity to speak with someone was readily available. It was also easier to listen in on other conversations and generally assess the people. This was not my first visit to worship with this group of people. Our church does this … Continue reading Seeing the Holy in the homeless

Eyes Wide Open

Sitting in church today, my Pastor invited us to pray with her to open the service. I immediately closed my eyes and a thought came to me as we began. Why do we close our eyes when we pray? I immediately opened my eyes and looked around. Most people were sitting there with their eyes … Continue reading Eyes Wide Open

The Call of the Wild Goose

I’ve written about the Wild Goose Festival many times on this blog. To be honest I talk about the Goose a lot in my day to day life as well, and for good reason. The Goose has played so many roles in my life. In different seasons the Goose has been as my license to … Continue reading The Call of the Wild Goose

Why Is Doubt So Important?

I started my writing on this website with the idea in mind that I would focus on uncertainty and doubt as a central aspect to my writing. It was important to me that what I wrote was intrinsically queer, and I wanted to play around with ideas that have been central to mainstream Christian thought … Continue reading Why Is Doubt So Important?

Privilege And Purpose In Pursuit Of A More Perfect World

So, rumor has it that Matt Damon is moving to Australia to escape the dangerous insanity that is the United States, and as will happen, some folks on the interwebs are not so gently pointing out that this is the face of white privilege. From the perspective of one who freaked out and fled, I … Continue reading Privilege And Purpose In Pursuit Of A More Perfect World

I Am Enough

Self confidence doesn't come naturally to me or many people I know. Churches are the hardest place to be self confident because they insist that we are worms, lowest of the low before Jesus came on the scene and saved us from our sorry selves. Recently I was attending our local Beer and Hymns. We … Continue reading I Am Enough

The Importance of Dehumanizing Your Opponents

Let me preface this by saying, as an LSAT instructor, I teach argument for a living. (And if you follow the Bar Chaplain blog, yes, this is going to be another one of those posts.) I’m a big believer in always paying attention to both far right and far left media and then doing a … Continue reading The Importance of Dehumanizing Your Opponents